Are You Stronger at the Stressed Places?


Several years ago while I was going through a “stuck” time, a wise friend told me a story about how bamboo grows. Each of the rings, or fuschi, indicate an area of tremendous stress, withheld energy and exertion before the next level of upward growth bursts forth.

It also creates a thickness that adds strength to the structure.

Much as we all like to dream about a stress-free life, it is neither realistic nor a truly positive goal. We are natural beings, and in nature, stress adds strength to structure. It is an inevitable response to difficulties (and even happy events) in life, and allows us to grow, stretch and reach beyond our usual comfortable levels of growth — or maybe even stagnation.

How you actually deal with and respond to the natural stresses in life? That’s the fun and interesting part! When you feel something “negative” that you don’t want to be experiencing, what do you do? 

  • Do you imagine yourself in a bubble of white light and hope those energies won’t touch you?
  • Do you focus all of your attention on positive thoughts and feelings, hoping that will leave no room for the negative?
  • Do you hide in your room/Facebook/TV and hope that it will all blow over before you re-emerge?
One of the best ways — perhaps truly the ONLY WAY — to deal with stress and unwanted feelings is to do the opposite of what you think. It is to simply be with them. To feel them fully and let them wash through you. To trust that since everything changes, you won’t get stuck here.
To know that you won’t drown if you let yourself ride this wave.
To trust that the force of any stressful event is like fuschi — a momentary contraction of energy, a lull in the action that will naturally lead to your next phase of growth. Trying to push it away only slows nature’s process.
Feel like you could use some support and guidance in being a better surfer? Please join me for the nearly free teleclass described below. Together we will ride the waves of growth through the tight spots.


Holiday Sanity Solutions — Thursday, November 21, 2013 

A Better Than Free* Teleclass!

Gift yourself with simple antidotes for holiday stress. This will be an hour filled with powerful tools and mindset shifts guaranteed to get you through the holiday season with sanity and grace.

  • Learn a simple meditation — even if you think you’re genetically not wired for it!
  • Practice one movement that will release stress from your nervous system instantly.
  • Clarify and embody your intention for the kind of holiday season you want, regardless of external obligations.
WHEN? Thursday, November 21st, 7:30-8:30 pm ET
WHERE? Via phone, from the comfort of your own home! Call-in details will arrive after you’ve helped to share the bounty of the season with some of our less fortunate neighbors.
HOW MUCH? Free with your donation of any size to Feeding America. Simply go to their site, make your donation, then email me to confirm at This will automatically register you, and the call-in info will follow.
*Why BETTER THAN FREE? This time of year is, more than any other, about caring and sharing. It can also be about busier schedules, greater distractions and emotional surfing on many levels. And in all of this, your natural desire to be generous and share your life’s bounty with others might fall to a back burner, a great idea you somehow never quite get around to (been there, done that).
I got this idea from a marketing coach and was very inspired by it — so much so that I made a more generous donation than I might have otherwise, and still haven’t gotten around to looking at his material! I hope that something in this inspires you too. One of the greatest gifts most of us have is the ability to pretty much eat whatever we want whenever we want it. I feel passionate about helping others to simply have enough food to end the day feeling nourished and satisfied.