Some Notes on Faith

Yesterday I bought myself a “transition gift,” a sparkly strand of small white/gold Swarovski crystals surrounding a gold bead etched with the word FAITH. It represents this poignant moment in time as I continue becoming a motherless daughter, finally leave a location and healing practice I’ve been associated with for 20+ years, publish my first book and step more fully away from the work of massage into a primarily spiritual and emotional healing realm.

For me, FAITH is a promise of good things to come and the ability to weather the rough spots with my sails intact. FAITH is the absence of cynicism and narcissism, both so rampant in modern culture. It is FAITH in something larger than myself weaving reality together, even when I’m not always sure of the weaver’s form or existence. And it is the ability to have FAITH in myself above all, in my own hard-won wisdom and innate goodness, in my need and right to take my seat fully at the table and share gifts of heart and soul that assist others in taking their place fully in a world that needs so many more healed souls.

In her book Faith: Trusting Your Own Deepest Experience, Sharon Salzberg writes:

“Faith does not require a belief system and is not necessarily connected to a deity or God, though it doesn’t deny one. This faith is not a commodity we either have or don’t have — it is an inner quality that unfolds as we learn to trust our own deepest experience.

Such faith is not superficial or sentimental. It doesn’t say everything will turn out all right…Life is not likely to deliver only pleasant events. Faith entails the understanding that we don’t know how things will unfold. Even so, faith allows us to claim the possibility that we ourselves might change in ways that will allow us to recognize and trust the helping hands stretched towards us. It enables us to aspire to a better life than the one we have inherited.”

Yes, this is the FAITH I am reminded of when I look at the sparkly stones and word encircling my wrist. FAITH that I can go on without my mother’s love and guidance and inherited way of skewing towards the pain and negativity of life. FAITH that I have something valuable and necessary to offer besides what I can do with my hands (and I was blessed with really great hands, hands that find sore spots and know how to ease them). FAITH that as I step fully into the new and unknown, the path will open before me and my feet will always find a place to land.

Take a few moments to think about your own relationship to faith. What do you have faith in? Do you allow yourself to touch into your essential goodness on a daily basis? Can you reach a little higher, a little deeper, to connect with the faith you may have temporarily lost touch with? How does faith live in you? Please share…and check out the beautiful bracelet at