What freedom smells like



The smell of fresh brewed coffee…the warmth of a bowl of soup…the rich flavor of dark chocolate melting on your tongue.

Could you feel into each of the above descriptions as you read them? Or were they simply words on the screen? If the latter, try going back and reading them one at a time, connecting to your sense-memories of each unique sensual pleasure.
Anchoring into the now can be as simple and of-the-moment as this. When your mind feels like it’s just too busy and noisy {what I have lately referred to in my own mind as The Land of 1,000 Chattering Monkeys}, call a time out. 
Literally, tell yourself “Whoa, I need to shift gears” or “Stop! I need some peace now.” 
Let those monkeys be a little confused, and purposefully stop listening to them by placing your awareness in the physical. 
  • Notice your feet…feel them on the floor, wiggle your toes against the edges of your shoes.
  • Focus on the rise and fall of your belly as your breath moves in and out. (Or notice if it’s not moving much and consciously relax your abdomen so the breath has more room to expand.)
  • Feel into your hands, from the inside out. Are you aware of pressure, coolness, warmth, nothing?
It can be so simple and so hard to remember that you are more than a walking, talking head. Especially from behind your screen or phone. How often do you fully, consciously inhabit your body — and how often do you do it with even a modicum of love and respect?
This is just one path to freedom that we will explore in depth during the Four Weeks to Freedom tele class. And what, truly, does freedom mean to you? That’s the most important definition you will be guided to clarify and turn your compass towards.
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Until next time, check in with your senses as often as you can. Live fully in your beautiful body, a wonderful vehicle to carry you to freedom.