Ready For The Good Stuff?


Homemade cookies fresh from the oven.

Cards and notes from faraway friends.

Time with the ones you love, even if they’re the ones that drive you the craziest.

This is the season when we get particularly focused on what we are thankful for. I know a bunch of folks who are posting daily gratitudes on Facebook. And for the past few months, on most nights before I go to sleep, I’ve enjoyed a practice of listing five things I was grateful for that day. I keep a beautiful journal and a pen on my night table so it’s easier to remember to do it.

As someone who has a tendency toward depression, especially as the days grow short, dark and cold, this regular focus on gratitude helps me to keep things real. Since the brain is naturally wired for the negative, maintaining a focus on the positive goes beyond the new-agey or any hint of superficial fluff — it infuses us with the truth that life is never all one thing or another.

Bad days happen — shit, bad months or years can happen! And yet…and yet…any opportunity to slow down and recognize all that is good and working in our lives (roof over the head, food in the bowl, cozy socks on a cold morning, working stove to boil water for tea) is an opportunity for wonder. For awakening. For remembering and taking our place in the mosaic of life.

Take Stock of What You Are Taking Stock Of

What do you want to give your energy to? Where does it make the most sense to focus your precious time and emotional bandwidth?

This month, I have also seen friends on FB protesting stores opening Thanksgiving night to usher in the holiday shopping madness as early as possible. I am not a proponent of this practice, but I have to wonder: what about the people who DON’T have family or friends to be with that day? What about the person who is struggling financially and is thrilled to pick up extra hours, perhaps at a higher pay rate?

Maybe this is something that they are thankful for, along with the people who will have had their fill of family and friends and be happy to do some shopping on their way home.

What I most want to know is this:

  • What are you grateful for and why does it matter to you?
  • Where are you putting your energy, and does it feed you or deplete you?
  • How will you make this holiday season one of meaning, connection and sacredness?

If you want a safe container to explore these questions, please join me for the

Holiday Sanity Solutions — Thursday, November 21, 2013 


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*Why BETTER THAN FREE? This time of year is, more than any other, about caring and sharing. It can also be about busier schedules, greater distractions and emotional surfing on many levels. And in all of this, your natural desire to be generous and share your life’s bounty with others might fall to a back burner, a great idea you somehow never quite get around to (been there, done that).
I got this idea from a marketing coach and was very inspired by it — so much so that I made a more generous donation than I might have otherwise, and still haven’t gotten around to looking at his material! I hope that something in this inspires you too. One of the greatest gifts most of us have is the ability to pretty much eat whatever we want whenever we want it. I feel passionate about helping others to simply have enough food to end the day feeling nourished and satisfied.