Look Towards The Light of Your Desires

This past weekend brought us through the winter solstice. I don’t know about you, but I always feel a tremendous relief getting to the other side of that day of least light….even if the shift doesn’t feel so noticeable right away.

When we go through narrow passages like these, it is a great opportunity to remember our strengths and our sources of inner light. Basking in the glow of candles is one tangible way to bring more light in. Connecting to loved ones through the holiday season is another. Or, as I’ve been doing lately, pulling in and quieting down might be a source of warmth and comfort for you.

There is often a sense by mid-December that we are careening wildly towards some real end point, even though the calendar is an external construct. Still, the narrow passage through these darkest days naturally fosters a desire to bring new energies to life.

What might those new energies be for you? 

How do you want to feel every day, and what can you do to feel more that way than not?

Rather than go with the usual goal-oriented resolutions (I will get the the gym three times a week, I will eat less sugar, I will lose 10 pounds by my birthday, I will get my book written by June 1st), consider setting “goals with soul” as Danielle LaPorte calls them in her new book The Desire Map.

Decide how you want to feel, and then set your goals based on what will help you to feel that way. At the moment, my Core Desired Feelings (her phrase for them), are Connected, Courageous, Luminous, Sacred and Freedom. My job is to set my daily compass toward doing what will allow me to live into those feelings.

{And based in part on those Core Desired Feelings, I’ve got some very cool things cooking behind the scenes here; can’t wait to share them with you!}

So, my question for you in this last MMM of 2013, is how do you want to feel? What words will inspire you to move into the new year with more joy and aliveness?

Wishing you all that you desire in the year ahead.