About The Restful Heart

Looking for the way in to your own Restful Heart? The path sometimes feels long and arduous; other times you find yourself stepping unexpectedly onto a quiet stretch drenched with peace and happiness. The Restful Heart is all about guiding you to make choices that help you find more ease and satisfaction, even when the way feels rough. Here you will find ways to relieve mental and physical stress through meditations and inquiry practices that make relationships (to yourself as well as to others) more vital and satisfying; ideas and recipes that increase your enjoyment of vibrant, healthy food; and stress relieving exercises for your body that are as simple as they are beneficial.

Ready to move from words into action? I offer you a variety of pathways:

  • Experience the uniquely healing and stress relieving qualities of my signature Beyond Reiki Bodywork.
  • Schedule a spiritual healing and mentoring session or series and gain consistent access to your deepest knowing and connection with Source (either in person or by phone).
  • Schedule a no cost, no obligation consultation for my “Lose the Weight of the World” program — 4 months of 1:1 mentoring, coaching and lifestyle rehab. I guarantee by the end of the call you’ll know if it’s the right fit, or have helpful action steps to pursue.

To learn more and discover why we might work well together, please visit www.heartofselfcare.com.

Sharon Helene Rosen, LMT, CWC

Mindfulness Maven and steward of Restful Hearts.


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