What’s Happening {When It Feels Like Nothing Is}, Part 2

Zen Circle

On the theme of feeling like nothing is happening, it was a quiet week last week. So quiet, I couldn’t even get myself to write a post to you.

And then this week, anticipating the big storm that didn’t quite happen (at least where I live in NY’s Hudson Valley)…that was a good nothing happening!

It’s a time of things brewing under the surface; been honoring that energy even more this winter than in years past. The practices that I’ve cultivated — meditation, prayer and inquiry — are creating new currents of acceptance and faith. My roots feel wider and stronger because of them.

And out of that has come a poem, the first one in a long while. Which just goes to show that sometimes, you need a lot of fertilizer and weed pulling before the fruit is ripe enough to harvest.


There’s a hole that your whole being wants filled.
It will never be filled.
The best you can do is sit
in the center of it
and sink.
There is no bottom, but once
you surrender to the feeling
of tumbling
You’ll begin to float.
And in floating feel buoyant
yet held.
The fear of falling will cease.
In its place
tender shoots of trust will sprout,
tendrils wrapping you lovingly
within the web of creation.
{SHR 1/25/2015}

Have you had an experience of this? I would love to hear about it…

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