What Lights You?

Abstract sun illustration

It is just a few days now till we experience the shortest amount of daylight, at least here in the Northern Hemisphere. And this year, it will occur within about two-and-a-half hours of a new moon — talk about dark!

Solstice coincides with holy days that inspire us to kindle lights — Hanukkah menorahs; Christmas lights on trees, houses or in windows; Kwanzaa candles; wood burning stoves and fireplaces lit for warmth, both literal and communal.

There is also a drive to be lit from within. To know what really lights us up and then act on that. It can be as simple as a cup of your favorite tea and a book, or as complex as creating packages and delivering them to shelters and food banks as you move through overly full days.

This season can be harsh, even in its directives to be merry and happy. Some feel the loss of loved ones more acutely as gatherings are planned. Some don’t have large gatherings to attend and wish they did — others feel pushed to attend parties and celebrations when they’d rather be home hibernating.

It’s rarely as straightforward as it seems.

This week, I urge you to be the light that you seek. Let the prompts below become a beam that will lead you through this darkest, most sacred time.

Prompt #3 — What lights you from within? How can you cultivate and spread more of that light, in even the smallest ways? Are you happiest offering it to others, or is there a deep comfort that comes from holding it and basking in the glow of your own sweet fullness?

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  1. Sue Kearney (@MagnoliasWest)
    Dec 18, 2014 @ 19:46:06

    Ahh, such a beautiful question in prompt #3!! I have a sister — oy! — with whom I have such a challenging relationship. Yesterday in a conversation, when I told her that my severe cough had popped loose two floaters from my right retina, which I had checked out and which thankfully were not dangerous, she said “Why do we (our family) always have it worse, healthwise, than the general population?” My answer was that I don’t feel like I have it worse, that in fact I’m very grateful for what I have, and that I have appreciation and compassion for many in the “general population” who have it worse than I do.

    She was flummoxed. “Since when do you have such a positive attitude?” she demanded. I told her I’ve been dwelling in gratitude for a while, and the conversation proceeded.

    I do feel that I gave her a bright, light-filled, love-filled offering at that moment. Thanks for helping me feel the comfort and the gentle context.


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