What Moves You?


It’s good to pay attention to what gets you into motion, and what place stillness plays — or not — in that dance.

There’s often a whirl of motion that’s put into place around this time — holiday parties, shopping for those just right (or at least not-all-wrong) gifts, offering time at a local charity for those whose holidays may not be so merry.

Sometimes it feels effortless and joyful (don’t we love that?) Other times it’s more like a merry-go-round that becomes a perpetual motion machine and keeps going until someone throws the lever to the off position (meaning you get sick, or break your toe as you’re rushing around, or otherwise come to an unhappy, sudden, unplanned stop).

How do you want your ride to feel over these next 3 weeks?

What motions can you take control over, and how can you keep from spinning too quickly?

Continuing on last week’s theme of year end meditations, contemplate the prompt below, preferably in writing. Sometimes the best, most unexpected stuff comes out when we take some time to apply pen to paper and let loose for 5 or 10 minutes.

Prompt #2 — What type of motion feeds your soul? Where in your life do you get to pay close attention to the rhythms and flows that weave your days together? What place does stillness play in all of this? Please share your insights with us here!

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