Stitching Together A New Year

woman knitting green threads closeup

Are you as surprised as I am that we’ve come to the end of another year already? There’s always something a little shocking about turning the page to December, even though you know it’s coming right after November. Funny, that!

People are starting to write articles and blogposts about visioning into the new year. I am currently taking part in Quest 2015, 12 Days With 12 Visionaries to Imagine Your Best 12 Months. It’s being offered by the wonderful writing/business/creativity mentor Jeffrey Davis, who was kind enough to read and offer me a heartfelt book endorsement (proudly shared on the back cover).

One day into this quest, and it’s already giving me much food for thought.

Yes, there is something about the turning of the calendar year that naturally brings out our introspective nature. Not to mention our desire to wrap things up and start with a clean slate.

I’ve never been a big one for New Year’s resolutions. They seem more like a recipe for disaster than true motivation. Yet we all desire to improve on some level:

~eat more life-force illuminating foods.
~deepen our connection to our soul or our Creator.
~express our needs more clearly, both to ourselves and others.
~share our gifts and talents through creative endeavors — writing, painting, gardening, serving the hungry and disheartened.
move our bodies more regularly and with greater ease.

How do we do that without making some declaration, even if just to ourselves? How are our declarations and intentions bolstered by sharing them with friendly, like-minded others who are also declaring their own?

That’s why I’ve been inspired to start a challenge, a quest of my own to share with you. Over the next few weeks of posts, I will pose a prompt to get you thinking (and hopefully writing, even if just in your own journal) about how you want to feel and act in the new year.

Allow yourself to really sink in; let them move you to uncover something new or perhaps forgotten within your heart and soul.

Prompt #1 — What would change in your relationship with your body if you only came from a sense of deep self-love and joy? Please share your thoughts below so we can inspire and support one another..

And remember, life is strung together one stitch, one act, one moment at a time. May you make as many as possible from a place of awakened aliveness.

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