Everything’s In Everything

4 Nested White Bowls On White Background
How are you feeling today? Any little aches or pains floating into your awareness, or are you feeling at ease in your body at the moment? How about your emotional body — any stresses or strains poking at you as you read this?
The reason I ask is because so often, feeling well lends itself to being in a good mood. And, conversely, pain, discomfort or distress of some kind inclines the mind towards what we consider a “bad day.”
Yet the two needn’t always correlate.
Like the bowls above, our experience in each moment is nested in layers of awareness. 
And wholeness, true healing and awakening, comes when we are able to let everything be just as it is. No pushing back, no resistance, no need to escape.
That doesn’t mean we don’t wish for things to feel better. Right now, I’ve got low back pain (unusual for me) and wonky sinuses — and I am fine. Would I prefer no pain and a clear head? Sure. But at this moment, they are not derailing my overall sense of wellbeing. They are part of it, just one of the small bowls nesting in the larger bowl of being.
Focus On The Big Bowl
It’s so easy to contract our awareness around an unpleasant experience. It’s how we are naturally wired.
The next time you become aware of a distracting discomfort, try this. Take a moment to change your focus. Like water running through a series of graduated bowls, allow your awareness to flow from the smaller realm of the physical, through the wider bowl of emotions, to the larger bowl of existence in which mind, body and emotions are held. 
Connect with that which is larger than your individual self, your particular aches and pains. You might even try connecting energetically to others, known or unknown, who are feeling the same pain and discomfort. Remember that you are not alone — send love and compassion to them, breathing in the discomfort and breathing out pure love and wishes for healing.
You will be amazed at how sending comfort to others will comfort you as well. And remember, you are always held in the big bowl of being.

Who’s Holding You Up?

Angel winged
True confessions time: recently I had slipped into a place of feeling disconnected from any sense of true direction and clarity. It’s painful when that happens, on several levels. I can have plenty of clarity for my work with other people, but when my personal compass goes wonky it’s not easy to recalibrate it on my own. This echoes one of the first things I ever heard from my Kabbalistic healing teacher: all healing happens in relationship.
So earlier this week I reached out for help and had a reading with a wonderful intuitive healer. And one of the things she asked was if I’d been calling on my spirit guides for support.
GULP…this is an area that I don’t usually talk about, and often actually forget. I tend to be the type who’s not only a fiercely independent do-it-yourselfer, but who keeps it pretty simple. I tend to focus on mindful awareness and lovingkindness.
I may ask for help from the larger Mystery, but I don’t usually tune into specific beings or angels or guides for support. It’s not that I don’t believe they’re there; it’s more that it feels a bit lame or weak to always call on them for help. Or I simply forget that such energetic guidance exists.
Oh…my…goodness. What I’ve really forgotten in those moments is that it’s more a point of strength than weakness to remember that I am not, in fact, alone. The greater truth is, the container of existence in which I am held offers more support than I can even take in.
Have You Met Your Guides and Angels?
Perhaps you’ve experienced the sense of a presence when you walk alone and fall into a rhythm that attunes you to the natural world. Maybe you have a regular meditation or prayer practice, yet wonder where it’s landing when your words go out into some large, vague container.
Here’s the funny thing I’ve learned about spirit guides and other supportive disembodied beings — they’re around us all the time, just waiting for us to ask for assistance. To the logical, objective mind, it can feel like we’re just making this stuff up, or a little bit crazy, or both!
But when we relax into remembering that we are part of a larger matrix of life-force, magical things can happen. The first time I had this experience at a meditation intensive decades ago, I was astonished by the palpable feeling of being surrounded by loving beings as the teacher invited us to connect with our guides. And it still astonishes me every time. because as I said, I often forget to ask…<insert chagrined grin here>
If this has been your experience, I encourage you to take the time to tune in and open to receiving support once again. And if you’ve never done this and think it sounds cuckoo, I encourage you to try it anyway. It may bring an unexpected sense of having something solid and reassuring to lean into. Even if you are just making it up, it still feels better than struggling alone.
After all, the Talmud tells us that every blade of grass has an angel urging it to “grow, grow!” Why wouldn’t the same be true for us humans?
Here’s to your growth and spiritual support…


Delicious Movement

When I was a massage therapist, I was on my feet moving a lot (oh how I’d love to know how many miles I logged around that table over 25 years!) Now I mostly write, teach and coach, which means I spend much of my day on my tush at my desk.

Today I needed an antidote to sitting and computer writing, and perhaps you’ve been doing a bit too much sitting as well. Maybe you’re a bit stiff from gardening or working out or…?

So here’s something a little different — a gift from my heart to yours in the form of a video guide to delicious movement. It’s one of my favorite self-care moves to do and to teach; do this a little bit every day and your body (and soul) will be happy and grateful!

Simply click on the image above and you’ll be on your way to releasing stress and bringing good energy into your body. Enjoy! And leave a comment below to let me know how you liked it…