This Could be The Best Part of Your Day

So, what is the best part of YOUR day? Is it that first sip of coffee (or tea, as in my case)? The moment you hit “send” on that email you’re been putting off for almost a week? The unexpected smile and kiss you get from your teenager? Or is it the moment that you finally get to put your head on the pillow after getting through another overfull and mostly uninspired day?

For those on a path of mindful living, the best moment can be any moment we are fully awake to; it is the ability to find the extraordinary in the ordinary. A cat lying in a patch of sun, a squirrel running frantically across the lawn with its cheeks full of seeds, even a spiderweb that we really look at before we knock it down or suck it into the vacuum cleaner; putting our mind chatter on hold and being fully present to any moment is an extraordinary gift and challenge.

There is so much emphasis in popular culture on being the best, the most amazing, the superstar!! Yet most of daily life is filled with boring or ordinary things, many of which need to get done, some of which we choose but are not quite thrilled by: it’s easier to love a clean sink than the act of dealing with grimy, greasy dishes.

What if this moment, this small, simple moment of taking time to read these words and pause a bit from what may be a chaotic day, could be the best part of your day? What would that mean for you? A smile. A memory of some silly, tender moment with your child, your dog, your best friend. A realization that whatever else is happening, whatever else needs to happen, can wait and the world will not fall apart. That presence trumps perfection, and you are running the control panel of your awareness.

So tell me…what is the best part of your day?