Strong at the Broken Places

It’s that tender and fragile time of year, as the season of fullness and harvest
wanes and the season of turning in begins. This week marks the official end of
summer with the autumnal equinox last Friday and the beginning of the Jewish
New Year this Wednesday night – an auspicious time of change and opportunity
for renewal we all can access.

A lot of people I’ve been speaking with lately are feeling a shift. Relationship
patterns are changing or breaking apart, worries feel bigger, and the political
climate is about as bizarre as anything we’ve seen in our lifetimes. While
everywhere we look people are rallying to have us follow them on Facebook and
Twitter, where is all of this following and ‘connecting’ really getting us?

I’m often told that this is the way to go to get more people on this list, to find and
build my tribe – yet a big part of me balks at going along with the crowd and
often all of those posts only make me end up feeling, well, more crowded!
(How many Tweets and long lost friends can a person really keep up with anyway?!?!?)

What I and it seems many of us are longing for now is a true sense of
community, of belonging and connection that can only be met up to a point on
any social media site. It’s a longing for deeper connection with That which
both creates and sustains us endlessly. It’s a longing to make a difference, in
even the smallest of ways, and to know that our time here on Earth matters
beyond trivial pursuits.

The Deeper Reality

There is a story from Jewish lore that tells of a group of people who quietly
live their lives in pursuit of the healing of the planet. It goes something like this:

What if the entire universe depended on you for its existence? What if you had the power to be a major force for positive change in the lives of those around you? Have you ever felt that there was a different “you” inside your skin, one that had a greater role to play in the world than you do within the confines of your everyday lives?

This is the legend of the Lamed-Vav (pronouned Lah-med Vav). The name derives from two Hebrew alphabetic characters, Lamed and Vav. In Hebrew, as in Latin, alphabetic letters also have a numerical value. The combined value of these two letters is 36.

The Jewish Talmud tells us that there are 36 hidden righteous people who live ordinary and obscure lives, but the existence of the universe depends on each and every one of them. If a single one of the Lamed-Vav did not exist, God would, in effect, lose interest in the world and all of what we consider to be reality would immediately disappear.

Your Healer’s Path

So here is my question to you: what if you were one of the Lamed-Vav and
didn’t know it? What would you be doing differently? How would you be
speaking to yourself and to others? What gifts would you be sharing that you
are currently keeping hidden, perhaps even to yourself?

This is what I am pondering as I head into the holiest weeks of my ancestral
tribe. I’d love to hear what you are pondering, either through your own inner
journey or sparked by this question. Come and talk about it on the blog, and
let’s go deeper into building our tribe of the heart.

Since this issue is so alive for me and many others right now, I’m inspired and
excited to invite you to take part in a class that will offer support, clarity and

Strong at the Broken Places: Heal Your Heart and Claim Your Ground

If this strikes a chord with you or sounds like someone you know, then
please join me on Monday October 10th at 7:30 pm EST for this f*ree 90
minute teleclass on the (perhaps reluctant) healer’s path. This call is for you if:

* You believe that you have something of value to offer the world, but fear it’s too small to matter.
* You’re tired of holding your tongue and your truth to avoid upsetting others.
* You have a hunger to use your own trials to help others through theirs.
* You are just plain weary and wanting some support to keep moving forward in the face of some big challenges.

I will be providing some deep teaching from ancient pathways along with a
guided meditation to ground you in your own connection with Source, and some
tools to take with you and incorporate into your daily life. There will also be
time for Q&A and an individual mini-session with one participant that will
support every person on the call (since on the Ultimate level, we are more the
same than not).

To register and receive the call-in info, send me an email– — with “free call” in the subject line.  And until then, let me know what this evokes in you by scrolling back up and clicking “Leave a Comment” right below the date.