Ready to Rule My World

This is inspired by a challenge posted on Alexis Neely‘s blog last winter called “How to Rule Your World.” I hope it gets you thinking about how you can rule your own world (the true gift of sacred self-care).

Ruling my world means I am peaceful whether I think my husband is right or not.

Ruling my world means that my heart can break and heal in the same moment every time my mother’s health deteriorates a notch.

Ruling my world means that I stand tall and speak loudly for human rights and needs — clean water and food, shelter, safety and peace, basic education, for all sentient beings (especially humans).

Ruling my world means that I don’t need to impose my ideas on others, but am available and willing to share information that they request or find helpful. It also means offering more freely and being willing to hear “no” if it doesn’t resonate with them.

Ruling my world means that I play bigger than I ever have before and allow my dreams to inspire my actions.

Ruling my world means that I stay connected to That Which Creates Everything so I don’t forget that I am not the creator but a conduit. And it’s my job to keep the channel clear so the best signals come through.

Ruling my world helps me move past lethargy into action more consistently, and not taking myself so seriously that I hide in my cave and wonder when the change will come.

Ruling my world is an ongoing event that grows easier with practice but only ends when I do.

What does it mean to you to rule your world? Will you step with me into sovereignty?

Love and blessings, Sharon~*