Lifelong intentions for each new year

I was looking through some older journals this morning, and found that I’d written much over the past couple of years about wanting to weave my understandings from Kabbalah and non-dualistic teachings more fully into my wellness and self-care work. In this entry from 2008, I pulled myself back from being what I called a distraction factory and here is what came out:

“I want to teach about splitting and making whole, about the shattering and rectification that arise constantly throughout creation. I want to declare “hineni” (Here I Am, the ultimate spiritual declaration of readiness) and help others to do the same. I want to help repair as many threads as possible so that the world may become whole cloth one day. I want to declare myself a soul weaver who uses the Tree of Life as her loom.”

Those feel like words worth living by. As The Great Creator said after each act on those first six days, Ki Tov…It Is Good.

What is your declaration of good intent? For this year? For your life?